Blood Work

Unless you have excellent insurance, the cheapest blood testing is through EconoLabs for $60 at the time of writing.

Home page of website –
Direct Link to MMA Fighter’s Panel –

Step-by-Step Instructions for EconoLabs

  • 1. Place order for MMA Fighter’s Panel –
    • a. Most likely will need to place order from a PC (their mobile site has not worked for placing orders)
    • b. When you check out ensure the following fields are filled out as follows
      • Doctors Name and FAX – Judy McCarty, (330) 797-2559
      • Send My results Via – Regular Email
  • 2. Find the closest lab (Find A Lab) in the top navigation –
  • 3. Wait 15 minutes if during business hours. After hours requests will be processed at 8 AM the next business day.
  • 4. You will receive 3 emails; receipt/confirmation, one with a “Requisition Form” attached, one with the location of the nearest lab.
  • 5. Print off the “Requisition Form”.
  • 6. Take the “Requisition Form” and your driver’s license (or other state identification) to the lab location emailed to you.
  • 7. Your results will take 24 to 48 hours depending upon their testing schedule.
  • 8. If you forgot to list Marilynne Houy as the doctor to fax, please email her your results once you receive them. Her email is:
If you have good health insurance and go through your own physician.

  • Make an appointment at least 2 weeks before the fight. Usually, using your own physician is really slow to receive the results.
  • Make sure they test for HIV. This is uncommon in many areas, so they usually do not test for it.
  • Make sure the test they do for Hep B is Hepatitis B (HBV) Surface Antigen Screen (HBsAg). It is common for physicians to do the antibody screen instead. The OAC will only accept the results of HBsAg
  • Make sure the test they do for Hep C is Hepatitis C (HCV) Antibody (HCV Ab, anti-HCV). Sometimes physicians will test for immunity instead. The OAC will no longer accept the results of immunity tests.

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